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Financial stability is an important aspect of every Australian life. However, this can sometimes appear daunting. At The Repat Foundation, we understand the importance and need for financial stability. More, we understand the importance of having the relevant information in gaining financial stability. As such, we provide relevant information on various financial options.

Car Loans

No Doc Car Loans

There is no denying that getting your dream car brings so much joy to your face. However, one thing that keeps stalling that smile is the cost of your dream car. You can avoid that with a No Doc Loan. It allows you to access a car loan without the large attendant number of documentations that comes with it.

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Low Doc Car Loans

Just like you, everyone has a dream car. However, getting it remains challenging, thanks to the considerable cost associated with it. Even when you tried out the traditional loaning option, it did not seem to work. Now, you can side-line the traditional loaning option and get right to purchasing your dream car through a low doc car loan.

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Business Car Finance

Your dream car seems to be staring at you all day. However, you cannot just seem to afford the car. Well, that does not have to be the case with you. You can now take advantage of business car finance to get yourself that dream car you believe you deserve.

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Novated Lease

Getting your dream car should not be challenging. However, the reality is that it can sometimes be challenging. And this is when it comes to making the relevant financial commitments. You can now obtain car finance. And one way to do this is through novated leasing.

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Business Loan

Small Business Loan

Running a business is never easy. As a small business, you face various unique challenges that make it difficult for you to develop and scale. One of these challenges is access to fund. Well, you do not have to worry about this anymore. Now, you can easily access fund through small business loans. This refers to a loan type that is best suited for small scale and medium-sized business enterprises.

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Equipment Finance

Getting your business underway requires you to have a wide range of equipment. However, while there is no doubt about their usefulness, getting them is where the problem arises. This is thanks to the financial obligations that accompany their purchase. Well, you do not have to worry about this anymore. With the use of equipment finance, you can avoid your financial limitation.

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Chattel Mortgage

Getting business finance can take many forms. However, one of the most popular choice today is the use of the chattel mortgage. This is thanks to the flexibility, low-interest rate, and tax advantages that it affords all business. With this option, you get access to a secured loan that provides ownership of the purchase from the very beginning.

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Truck Finance

If you are within the haulage industry, getting a car loan might not do the trick. You will need to obtain truck finance that allows you to finance the purchase of these specialised heavy-duty or medium and small duty trucks. So, if you are thinking of adding to your haulage fleet or upgrading the existing option, you can count on truck finance.

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Personal Loans

Boat loans

Renting a boat is a great idea; however, there is nothing better than having your boat. While this sounds great, you might soon get discouraged after getting the quote of your favourite boat. Do not let it bother you anymore. Now, you can overcome your financial struggles with boat finance.

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Caravan finance

Caravans allow you to enjoy a wonderful time on the road. However, the cost can be discouraging. In some cases, these caravans can run into thousands of dollars. Well, you do not have to give up on your caravan dream. You can maximise caravan finance to get yourself out of this situation.

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Motorbike finance

Motorbikes are a great way to explore Australia. However, when you consider the cost of getting a motorbike, you might just be discouraged. Luckily for you, this is a situation that you can quickly find yourself out of. This is by using motorbike finance.

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Savings Guides

Budget Planning

Saving is only possible with the help of a budget. It allows you to understand your income and expenditure. In turn, it ensures that you can better control your money. When it comes to budget planning, the advantage is that you can engage in it yourself. So, for a financially secure future, it would be best if you start budget planning today.

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Tax Return Deductions

As a law-abiding Australian, you are obligated to lodge your tax return every year. Usually, this can seem like you are losing loads of money. Now, you can save on your tax payments while satisfying your legal obligation. This is where tax return deductions come in.

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Term Deposits

Living in Australia requires you to prepare for the future. One way to do this is through savings. This is where a term deposit comes in. You can now take advantage of a term deposit to earn interest on money.

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Balance Transfer Credit Cards

This involves the transfer of existing debt on a credit card to another credit card. The only difference is that with this transfer, you enjoy a lower interest rate on the debt. In such cases, you can utilise it as a saving mechanism.

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